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Turns out you didn't have to worry about being late – the flight's take-off was being postponed until a little girl found her mother. Your heart had nearly broken at her wails of "Mommy! Mommy!" as she frantically ran down the aisle, her little yellow sundress slightly damp from the flow of tears running down her pale cheeks. Luckily the pilot had been informed and the little girl was taken to the entrance of the plane to await her mother, thumb protruding from her pale pink lips. You sent a small smile to the back of her head before she disappeared through the walkway, flight attendant holding her pudgy hand.

"Aren't children just adorable?" You leaned your head heavily against the head cushion, shutting your eyes with a smile. "At that age…yes." Arthur replied, sifting through a small, brown bag at his feet before pulling out the latest newspaper edition. One (_e/c_) iris peeked out from behind an eyelid with curiosity.

"What do you mean Eng- Iggy." You quickly caught yourself saying the Englishman's true identity, mentally slapping yourself. Personified countries were not something a normal passenger on an airplane would just shrug off. Arthur sent emerald irises at you from the corners of his eye sockets before turning back to his paper. "Really (_f/n_), I don't know why you insist on using that silly name for me. Is it so hard to call me Arthur?" Your mouth opened in protest but you were stopped by a single finger held up by Arthur.

"That was rhetorical. But to answer your earlier question, children are less bothersome when they are just that…..children." He paused and you could mentally see him taking a sip of a cup of tea that did not exist. "When one realizes a child is no longer a child, they can do nothing but watch them drift away." You blinked. It didn't take much brain power to know what he was referring to, but it still surprised you. He never really talked about his and Alfred's relationship with you, which you didn't mind at all. His gaze shifted from you back to his paper when you remained quiet, the corners of his lips curling up ever so slightly. "Then again, a niece or strapping young nephew would be lovely." You giggled at the sudden coughing fit that progressed from somewhere behind you, a very soft chuckle hidden behind it.

You had just begun humming a small song Matthew had taught you when you realized something. You twisted your upper body one hundred eighty degrees to face the three behind you, focusing on the serious crystalline orbs near the aisle. "Hey Ludwig, why didn't Ita – Feliciano come?" The Italian loved pretty girls and going, well, almost or in the nude so the sunny beaches of Florida would have been his dream come true! Not to mention the Italian could make pasta every night! "It's not like him to miss a chance like Florida. Oh, and Kiku!" You didn't know Kiku as well and he denied every chance to travel with you guys, lightly blushing and saying he had things to attend to back at his home. The blonde German pushed a troublesome strand of light blonde hair out of his face before responding.

"Feliciano said something about spending time with his bruder Romano. As for Kiku, I'm sure you understand by now." You crossed your arms over your chest with a huff. "Yeah, something to do at home and blah, blah, blah. Or brah, brah, brah with him. I wonder what he does all the time. What do you think Luddy?" You smiled when his eye twitched ever so slightly at the nickname.

"How am I to know what Kiku does in his spare time?" You shrugged. "I don't know. But if it's anything like your BDSM stuff locked in your closet I'm –" You were cut off by the sudden gloved hand at your mouth. Ludwig's face was a mix of shock, anger, and a vivid blush that you didn't see too often. You guessed that it was just his anger, which you were definitely used to. Your (_e/c_) eyes looked innocently into his own blue ones while the others simply looked towards the German man for his response. His twitching worsened as Gilbert's laughter practically rocked the plane.

"V-Vest, you should see your face!" The glare that was sent his way only made the Prussian albino laugh harder, clutching his sides in the same manner he had at the security center. "(_f/n_), how do you know about the contents of my closet?" You, being as sensible to the mood as Spain(which means….not at all), explained immediately.

"Well, it all started when Gilbert invited me over to your place that one summer – he said there was gonna be food so I wasn't gonna say no – and you were both out when I finally arrived from the airport. I took that spare key I know you keep under the mat – by the way I lost it so you should probably get a new one – and let myself inside. Aster, Berlitz, and Blackie led me to your room Luddy and they were scratching at the closet door. I thought that you might keep some special dog bones or something else they like in there. Well, I knew I wasn't supposed to be in your room so I started to walk out until Germouser came in too. He saw me there, hissed like he was really angry, and fled. That was weird since, well, I've only ever seen Germouser flip out around Prussiacat and Itabby. So by then I thought you had, like, a body or something in there so I broke into your closet – oh yeah, remember how Aster broke the closet door knob? Yeah…no. – and BAM! BDSM GALORE!" You shouted the last part in a sing-songy voice before Ludwig could again cover your mouth. Strangers throughout the cabin sent dirty looks to both you and Ludwig, who still had a hand over your mouth. The pressure seemed to get heavier and heavier every second, as if what you said had never been spoken if he could push hard enough. Gilbert was "Kesesese"-ing, France was "Ohonhonhon"-ing, and Spain was just smiling happily and singing that tomato song he loved so much softly to himself. You would have licked his hand – they all knew you had no problem with it – but licking his gloves wouldn't force him to let go, nor would it leave you in a good mood. Leather was not food….at least to you.

The hand was slowly moved away and brought to your German friend's face, a perfect face-to-palm. Smiling, you turned back in your seat as a finger tapped your shoulder. "(_f/n_), I think you need to get some sleep dear." You cocked your head to the right, very similar to how Italy would when asked to actually train. "Sleep? Why? We're going to Florida! I won't need sleep there! You know, because of all the coconuts falling on people's heads and stuff. Which can kill you and then I can sleep forever!" Arthur gave you a weird look. "Sleep is for the weak, my dear gentleman. Ask Tinkerbelle, I know she's hardcore!" You gigged lightly, hand to mouth to stifle your laughter. By now you were talking nonsense. Your lack of sleep was finally getting to you and you didn't realize what England was mumbling under his breath until you were thrown into blackness.


"Not cool dude! What if she never wakes up?"

"She'll be right as rain thank you very much! I sent her to sleep, not into a coma!"

"Ohonhonhon~ Maybe now we can finally find her a lover. If she sleeps, she cannot talk. If she cannot talk, she cannot refuse a date. Florida beaches are full of men showing off their bodies, non?" In your black void you hear a slap followed by what sounded like struggling.

"America, unhand me this instant! This frog needs to learn a lesson!"

"Britain, dude, calm down! It's like China all over again!"

"(_f/n_), wake up mi amiga! You can't eat a tomato asleep!" You felt fingers pinching and stretching your cheeks but did not react. "Wow (_f/n_), your cheeks are just like Romano's! Fusososo~" You mentally rolled your eyes as the pinching continued for a few seconds longer.

"_-(_f/n_)?" The voice was soft and full of worry. Of course Matthew would be the one not to fight, he was such a sweetheart. You mentally smiled until his voice was overthrown by another booming, annoying one.

"Vhy are you all vorrying? If she doesn't vake up ve can draw on her face! Kesesese~" Note to self: He was dead twice over now.

"Mein Gott, you are all useless. Here, I'll carry her. Somebody get her bags." You felt the sensation of being lifted (and were rather pleased with the fact you heard no exertion from the man), just like when you had been a little kid. Still a bit drowsy and rather comfy against the warmth Ludwig was giving off you allowed yourself to be carried wherever without a care in the world.

One second there was just the small mumble of people with complete bliss, the next there was a blare of beeps, rolling wheels, and very loud people. You flinched in your state of inertness, making Ludwig tense around you.

"(_f/n_), are you avake?" Your cover was blown. You lazily cracked an eyelid, revealing one of your (_e/c_) irises to your friend and cracking a small smile. "Yeah I'm sorta up, but could you keep carrying me? You're a nice pillow." A huff came from Ludwig's chest to which you took as a small chuckle. You turned your head to see six other pairs of eyes looking rather relieved at you. You opened your mouth in a small yawn.

"I'm okay, don't go bashing Iggy. He was probably right in knocking me out." The Brit didn't seem bothered by the nickname this time. Just relieved. Darn…. "Are we in Florida?" You noticed Antonio and Alfred's eyes spark in obvious delight. Like if they were just told they had won an unlimited supply of hamburgers and tomatoes. "Yeah we are dude!" The American fist pumped the air at the same time Spain "Fusosososo~"-ed. You couldn't help but grin at the Spaniard. His overall happiness made you happy. Not to mention his cheer up charm always did its purpose.

"Good. When's lunch?" The snarl from your stomach was much louder than it had been a minute ago and now you were craving more of Matthew's fantastic pancakes. Extra everything. The Canadian in question was about to answer when a girly squeal caused you all to turn. Or in this case, your eye twitched and Ludwig turned. You had a few guesses, but only one stuck out in your mind. You didn't like it.

Feliks, you thought,if you decided to crash our vacation I will love you forever. And I will get you a pony. I'll get you a whole pony brigade, minus Ponyta. Just please, please be there. However, the valley girl accented male was absent as the clicking of high heels sped towards you. Several other pairs followed, drowning out most of the other noise around you. You now regretted ever associating with those girls in the first place.

"Germany, if you get me out of here right now I will never talk about your "special collection" ever again." You put extra emphasis on special collection, hoping he'd catch your drift. The pleading in your eyes did nothing but get a chuckle out of the blonde man as he set you back on your feet. "They are the same girls from the bus, ja? They seem more partial to you now. Vhy don't you at least exchange pleasantries?" His gloved hand lifted to rest on your right shoulder in what you thought to be a supportive gesture. Until you tried to move away from the approaching flock of girls and realized you couldn't. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know you were being forced into interaction; something you weren't surprised Ludwig made possible. Since you were such a fantastic friend, you began calling the man rather colorful words – all in your mind of course. "Stupid buff Germans and their….buffness." You muttered under your breath.

"Hey, (_f/n_)!" Ali shouted, waving her pink nail polished hand above her head in a rather frantic matter. You forced a smile onto your face and waved back, silently hoping that Russia's scariness had rubbed off on you at some point in time. It had not. You were quickly engulfed in a forced hug, using all of your strength not to shove her away. It wasn't like Japan's bubble – you didn't mind it with the guys or your other friends as much, it was just this girl bothered - *coughcough* pissed you off with enough burning passion to melt Siberia *coughcough* - you.

"Oh, hi Ali. I thought you and your…..friends…would have left by now." You looked over the blonde's shoulder to find the other nine girls practically drooling. Ali smiled happily and laughed with a tinkle you found absolutely sickening. God you hated that fake tinkle. "Oh no, we wanted to wait for you!" Ludwig's hand squeezed your shoulder as if trying to say 'I told you so'. You discreetly stepped on his foot and pouted even more when you didn't get a reaction. Stupid buff Germans.

"Well then, nice saying hi but we must…be….off….." The girls streamed by you to pair up with your friends, one or two to each guy. Ali politely shoved you away from Ludwig, batting her mascara covered eyes. Even with your quickly growing irritation, you couldn't help but inwardly laugh at the individual boys' reactions.

Arthur was sandwiched between a brunette and red head, who were giggling at every word he said. You immediately thought of his accent as the culprit, but the Brit's distressed and uncomfortable facial expression showed his confusion at the sudden attention. But no one could have been as uncomfortable as Ludwig, who was practically being glomped by Ali. A violent blush was spread across his face and he awkwardly put his hands in his pants pockets. You noticed his lips move but you couldn't make out the words. Taking a completely different approach than his brother, Gilbert was happily returning the flirtatious activity of a short blonde, his signature chuckle reaching your ears. Francis had pulled two roses from somewhere and handed them to Alexis and a girl with black hair, both having giggle fits as he spoke a mixture of French and English. Antonio was chatting happily to two girls with ginger hair, completely unaware of the atmosphere around him as usual. You caught the word "tomate" off the Spaniard's tongue. Alfred was bragging about how he had rescued a pair of girls from a mugger (The thing was, he actually did) until the dirty blonde leaned against him, making him immediately lean back with what could only be described as a 'WTF' face. Your sliver of amusement was immediately destroyed as you found Matthew talking with a brunette. IT wasn't that you were jealous, something just didn't seem right. You noticed the Canadian shake his head after the girl said something, making her giggle. Your eyes widened with his as she pulled the curl protruding from his head. He immediately went beet red and looked down at his feet, the girl continuing to giggle and play with the strand of hair.

You immediately stalked over to the girl, sandwiching yourself between her and Matthew and forcing her to let go of the problematic hair strand. Eyes narrowed in anger and hands on hips, you watched as the girl started and backed up before she mimicked your stance. "Like, what's the problem?" Her voice would have put Poland's to shame. Your blood began to boil. That was the last straw. The girl shrank away as you put your angrily twisted face in front of hers. Matthew was silent behind you; most likely still recovering. "The next time you touch him without his permission, I will kill you with a french fry strainer. Maybe one of my friends will let me borrow his axe to bludgeon you." Okay, maybe the Russian had rubbed off on you just a bit. The girl shrunk away in horror, letting out a small squeak. You felt Matthew pull on the sleeve of your shirt.

"(_f/n_) you need to calm down. You're scaring her." The words had no effect on you.

"Now, I suggest you be on your way back to your friends, da?" The girl let out another squeak and was on her way to Ali before she was sidetracked by Prussia. Your flared temper subsided. You instead face palmed as you watched the man flirt with both girls; they seemed to have no problem with it. You turned with a sigh back to Canada, a look of concern replacing your heated features.

"Mattie, you alright?"

"Y-yes. Thank you." You wrapped an arm around the shy boy and grinned. Your previous scare-mode was completely gone and you were back to your cheery self. "No problem! Now, let's get these guys out of here. Ludwig is about to have a meltdown and I think Prussia is about to seize some under-aged vital regions. I don't want him getting us in more trouble." He nodded in agreement and followed you to the very front of the group where Ludwig and Ali were. In the middle of feeling a German bicep, you tapped the girl on her right shoulder. She looked away from her newly claimed specimen – now relieved at being left alone – to look at you with a bothered look.

"Something up?" The only reason you didn't repeat the previous threat from the other encounter was because Matthew was basically restraining one of your arms, preventing you from getting any closer than you already were. By now you were seriously regretting even thinking of using these girls for revenge. "Actually, yeah. We need to go ahead and get to our hotel and settle in. So," you said the last word loud enough for everyone to hear, "I guess we'll be on our way now! Right guys?" Several breaths of relief (and a few sighs) released at the same time as the boys made their way back over to you, Matthew, and Ludwig. Ali opened her mouth to say something but you quickly cut her off.

"Wow, look at the time! Well, let's get a cab and go! Bye!" You fled before the girls could say anything, dragging Matthew and Ludwig by their hands. That was, until Arthur reminded you about your abandoned luggage which you quickly retrieved with an "I knew that." You, Alfred, and Francis were in the process of hailing some cabs when you heard something behind you.

"Ve~?Germany? GERMANY! Look Romano, it's Germany! And (_f/n_)! Hey you guys!" Were you seriously hearing that? You turned around, allowing a taxi to skip over you as you searched for the source of the Italian accent. All you saw was a flash from the corner of your eye, probably someone else waving down a cab.

"Shut up! Or the potato bastards will hear you, idiota!" There it was again and this time, you noticed two distinct hair curls bouncing a few yards away. Antonio and Ludwig were both as curious as you. "Dannazione[1], Veneziano! Get back here!" Before you could comprehend the warning you were glomped by a hyper Italian, reddish brown hair curl bouncing with glee.

"Ve~ (_f/n_) it's-a so good to see you!" You let out a small giggle before shoving the Italian off your body, him straightened back up just as Romano caught up to him. The more difficult Italian man was quickly glomped by you and Antonio against his many protests.

"Alright, alright! Get off me, idiotas!" Romano growled, his dour mood not effecting yours and Antonio's optimistic ones. The small amount of attention your unusual group had caught was finally dispatched as the cabs were hailed down. Feliciano explained the situation while Ludwig and an unwilling, complaining Gilbert loaded up.

It turned out that the boys had planned to take a vacation to Malta, but after Gilbert sent them a rather eye-opening YouTube video they had just planned on cancelling. When Feliciano had learned about the sudden Florida trip, he had actually planned out to 'conveniently' arrange for him and his fratello to go on their own Florida vacation and say he couldn't make it with the group. That way he could assure Romano he wouldn't run into, well, anyone – which obviously convinced the hot-tempered Italian to go. Now here they all were to go to the same hotel "coincidentally" and 'hang out with pasta and meet pretty ladies (or men in your case) at the beach!' as Feliciano put it. You and a rather pissed off Romano had to admit, it was a pretty brilliant plan for the younger, ditzy Italian.

"I totally found them!" Persistent little witch she is, you thought as you faintly heard the voice behind you. None of the others seem to notice, much to your relief. "Who are those two new cuties with her?" You heard, this time louder than the previous comment. Time was running out quick. Yours and the Italys' bags were the only ones left to be put away so with speed and strength way beyond your usual amount you practically threw the luggage into the trunk and shoved your car buddies into the cab. You yourself leapt in, accidentally banging your head on the car door.

"The Aqua Hotel, stat!" No sooner had you closed the door and straightened up the cab driver was zooming down the street. You noticed the others looking confused as you sped past, frantically pointing towards the hurriedly approaching girl flock. You only let out a breath of relief after the others had come to the same conclusion as you and departed. One last look showed one of the girls practically running to one of the cabs to stop. Fortunately, she failed.

"What the hell was that?!" You blinked back to reality at Romano's remark, smiling gingerly. "Fangirls. Fangirls everywhere."


The twenty minute ride to the hotel actually went rather pleasantly. Italy sat between you and Romano talking about the differences between Olive Garden and his own pasta while the cab driver silently pleaded for him to stop talking. All in all, your nerves were settled rather quickly to adopt Feliciano's care free attitude. You were even able to get Romano into a conversation on, of all things, shopping. After all, this was a vacation! So when you pulled up to the hotel, you were rather pleased to be able to fully enjoy what your epically awesome friends had done.

The Aqua Hotel was far more gorgeous than you could believe. As you pulled up you noticed that the spotless, white building was only a block away from the fantastic Fort Lauderdale beach and a few other attractions. You saw the corner of a nice sized pool as the taxi pulled into the front of the hotel and after taking quick peeks through windows that revealed the lobby's pleasantness, you thought one thing. Perfect.

You quickly paid the cab driver (giving him a nice tip for tolerating Italy) and took your bags. Whatever energy you had gained from Arthur's sleep spell had retrogressed back to your earlier exhaustion and even Italy's constant chatter couldn't prevent your eyes from drooping ever so slightly with each blink. Still, you managed without difficulty to follow the others up the entrance to the hotel before giving away to let Ludwig check you all in. Of course, Romano wouldn't "Let the potato bastard treat him and his brother like they couldn't do anything themselves." Ludwig still ended up checking them in out of the kindness of his heart (and Italy's pleading), earning him punches to the gut from the older Italian that were – obviously – ineffective at crossing their point.

Oh, but your new obstacles did not stop there. It turned out that, while Ludwig had been in charge of arranging the flight and tickets, Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis had (illogically) been put in charge of getting the rooms. You deposited your luggage on the floor just as the guys began to argue among themselves, Romano holding Italy back so he would not get involved. Ludwig was pinching the bridge of his nose with his finger, Arthur was in the processing of smacking Francis back to his country, Alfred and Matthew were in the process of pulling the two fighting countries away from each other, Spain was reaching for Romano's cheeks, and Gilbert was kesesesing. Never a good sign. It was your turn to pinch your nose; you were too weary to want to deal with this.

"Okay, okay what the heck is going on?" Your (_e/c_) irises were not amused as you stared down each of your friends. Spain turned away from the resisting Romano to answer. "Well, us three," he pointed the three members of the Bad Touch Trio out with his finger, "were in charge of the hotel rooms. And we got them!" He said proudly, gesturing to the two rooms behind them. His eyes were closed, a large smile spread across his face that was lost on yours. Two rooms. Two. But Spain's smile was just so bright and genuine; you couldn't bring yourself to yell at him. Romano did that enough for the both of you.

"Antonio, honey, we need more than two rooms for eight people." You said gently, gesturing to the two rooms for emphasis. Spain continued smiling, your gentle voice not dampening his mood. "We can have four in a room, right?" He asked, opening his eyes to look quizzically at you. "You don't think so?" His face began to fall and you, now panicking about having a depressed Spain, waved your hands back and forth.

"No, no, no, no, no, not at all! You did wonderful, Boss!" At his nickname, Antonio brightened right back up so quickly it was uncanny. You were engulfed in an airless hug before turning to face everyone else. "I'm guessing you guys were fighting over who sleeps where?" You asked, confirming yourself when they stayed silent. "Okay. America, Canada –" You stopped yourself as a random couple passed by you, puzzling looks sent your way as they continued their stroll down the hall. "Crap, I need to stop that. Okay, Alfred, Matthew, Arthur, Francis. You four will share one room and the rest of us will share the other."

England visually paled upon hearing his arrangement, glaring at the Frenchman with distaste. "Are you sure I can't sleep somewhere else?" He asked. "I don't believe it's a bright idea to leave me with the frog overnight." You rolled your eyes playfully, wrapping an arm around the Englishmen. "Come now Iggykins! The trio needs to be kept apart and France behaves around Matthew most of the time so you shouldn't have too many problems!" Arthur's grumbling fell on your deaf ears as you saw Germany remove one of the key cards from his pocket. A quick slide and he disappeared into what you guessed was now yours, his, Antonio's, and Gilbert's hotel room. The German quickly tossed the other one to Matthew, who followed suite with the other room. Romano and Italy finally snapped out of whatever trance had made them stare into space and opened their room, which was on the left of your room. How fun, you would be in the middle of them all.

You had to give the hotel credit, the room was rather nice. Though the walls were plain white, the blue decorations and rimming of the walls gave the room the ocean feel people expected from such a paradise state. A pair of sliding glass doors opened onto a small deck that had two white folding chairs and a small, plastic table. Cute.

Back in the actual room, a plasma screen TV sat on a white desk, two tables with two regular chairs on either side of it. A couch sat facing the television against the opposite wall. But that wasn't the end of it. Against a remaining wall to the right of the small living area was a fully equipped kitchen with everything but a stove (go figure). You even noticed a coffee machine and toaster. In the middle of the room, a small wall stood separating the living/dining area from a small bedroom that you found to hold a king size bed. A bathroom was attached to it, though the door was currently closed. You were too preoccupied with the bed to care. The sight of that bed almost brought a tear of pure joy to your eye until you realized something.

"Hey guys, there's one king bed and a couch…right?" You were answered by a "Si!" and two "Ja!"s. You made your way around the small wall to reunited with your roomies, frowning.

"That's room for three people. What about Gilbert?" Remember how you said he was double dead? Yeah, you hadn't forgotten. Gilbert, remembering the statement when he realized he had been singled out, smirked. Crap. "Sorry to disappoint you, but mein awesome self booked these rooms specifically for this unawesome event." And with that the Prussian sauntered over to the couch, pulling it out into a queen-sized bed! You clapped, fleeing another joyous tear coming on.

"Thank thee narcissistic Prussian for thy awesomeness!" You shouted, leaping onto the sofabed without a care in the world. A digital clock sat on a desk beside the bed. Your flight had taken off at eleven in the morning, and it was now…four o'clock! Oh well, the adventures would have to start the next day. Stretching with a collection of unintelligible sounds, you reluctantly lifted yourself from the fluffy heaven that was sofabed and shuffled to your luggage.

"I'm gonna go take a shower. I think those girls gave me cooties." You noticed Ludwig's eye twitch at the mention of those girls. At least someone agreed. You pulled out a comfy outfit of yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt. You'd most likely take a nap after anyway, might as well prepare. "Gil, Tony, I swear if either of you do something I'm pulling your ears until they can wrap around your heads. Twice." The two men's eyes widened at the comment, running tor the couch/bed with breakneck speed. The click of the TV remote told you they'd be occupied for a while.

Your shower was actually going well. You had just scrubbed off the feminine hormone filth from your body and didn't once hear Germany raise his voice. The sound of the TV was all that you could hear besides the rushing water of the shower. You hummed a little tune, rinsing the last of the soap from your skin just as something cold and solid spilled over you. With a screech of surprise and jolt from the cold, you nearly tripped jumping away from the icy bath. American laughter broke through your shout just as a towel was thrown over the shower curtain.

"ALFRED!" You shouted, unable to do anything but wrap your sopping wet and shivering body in the fluffy, white towel. With ti securely wrapped around you, you pulled back the curtain to find the American hero dressed in sweatpants and a blue t-shirt with the American flag printed on front. You threw the closest thing at him…..another fluffy hotel towel. He burst into more laughter before splitting from the bathroom. You sighed, but were relieved to find that your clothes were all still there. It took you but a moment to change before you could confront…everyone being in the room.

Several blinks proved useless in proving you wrong, everyone was in the room. Thankful you had chosen to put your clothes on before chasing America, you focused your gaze on the culprit. "Not cool dude, not cool!" The waggled a finger at him half-heartedly, collapsing on the sofa next to Romano and Matthew. The country just laughed, making a bad pun on how "You needed to cool off anyway!" Still, you couldn't stay mad at any of these guys for long, especially when on a vacation they paid for and you were soon laughing with all of them.

Now here you were, seven hours later after everyone had retired to their rooms. It was almost midnight and you all had big plans for tomorrow. Dinner had been some Chinese food brought in from a local restaurant, the leftovers split among the ten of you and taken back to your respectful rooms. The TV was left on the credits of "The Avengers" movie Alfred had brought, your eyes all but held open by your very fingers through the entire movie. But now it was time to settle down for a nice restful sleep.

"I got dibs on (_f/n_)!" Before you could register what was happening, you were being tackle-snuggled by a very eager Prussian. You squirmed out of his grip, shaking your head. "No, you'll sleep with your brother in there." You pointed to the king size bed on the other side where Ludwig had already retired to. "I've got Boss." You murmured, snuggling deeper into the sofabed. Another body joined the second, inching in on the opposite side of you so that you were sandwiched between who you guessed were Spain and Prussia.

You were too tired to complain about Prussia and they were both pretty comfy….so you let it fly."G'night guys." You said loud enough for all to hear. You drifted off with three replies of good night back, one in Spanish,two in German.
[1] Damn it

Tada! :D

Just got this done :iconfinallyplz: Nothing else to say then~

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